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Registration and opening an Online Shop is free. You only pay a small commission of 10% after your stuff sells.

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Vendors arrange collection and delivery of all products for their customers. Once the buyer has received the goods, payment will reach the Vendors bank account within 2 – 5 days.

01. A buyer purchases a product from the MadMarket’s  shop.

02. The Vendor is notified and arranges delivery for the buyer. 

03. Buyer receives the parcel from the Vendor.

04. After a successful delivery, MadMarket takes a 10% commission and transfers the remaining balance into the Vendor’s account. 

For example, Jacky buys a beautiful, stylish watch from one of our Vendor Stores. It costs R100.00.

After a successful delivery, Jacky is ecstatically happy with her purchase, the Vendor receives R90.00 for the sale of the watch and SA Market Place receives R10.00 (10%) commission.

After a successful delivery, the Vendor receives R90.00 for the sale of the watch and  delivery cost, totalling R90.00 + delivery cost. MadMarket receives R10.00 (10%) commission.


MadMarket uses PayFast & Yoco as our payment gateway.

PayFast & Yoco is the Ultimate Online Payment Solution. Experience fast and secure online payments with South Africa’s leading payment gateway. You can find more information by visiting their website:

We offer EFT, Debit and Credit card payments for your customers on the MadMarket’s online store. All payments are redirected to a secure server. We do not store any credit or debit card information.


MadMarket take a 10% commission on all successful transactions. There is also an R10.00 per pay-out transaction fee. We will make a direct EFT into your bank account and send proof of deposit via email.

MadMarket pays Vendors 2 – 5 days after the customer has received their goods. We offer a safe and secure environment for all buyers and vendors.

Our 10% commission helps covers costs for running this seller/buyer platform (secure online payment gateway costs, web hosting, monthly website maintenance and advertising costs).